Good nutrition will have you feeling your best all the time.

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We treat nutrition holistically, understanding the effects that diet has on multiple determinants of health and discover how to best nourish your body.


"A healthy outside starts from the inside"

Formulate an eating lifestyle therapy plan to promote optimal health and wellness.

What we put into our bodies plays an integral part in our health and wellbeing. Our Dietitian will work with you to develop healthy eating habits (no diets), develop mindful eating and improve your relationship with food. Our Dietitian works alongside our Physiotherapist to develop eating treatment plans for chronic pain.

Some of the conditions our nutritionists may manage include weight management, digestive complaints, low energy, blood sugar imbalance, cardiovascular disease, infertility, poor immunity, allergies or food sensitivities and emotional conditions. Our Nutritionists begin the treatment by evaluating your current food intake and lifestyle which is then followed by an examination to accurately determine your nutrient levels with additional information to help formulate an eating and lifestyle therapy plan.

Our Team

Experts in their field, specialists in holistic health

Nicole Van Der Zee

Nicole Van Der Zee Yoga Teacher / Meditation Guide

Aly Kamille

Aly Kamille Yoga Teacher

Kasey Frawley

Kasey Frawley Meditation & mindfulness practitioner

Danae Vincent

Danae Vincent Pilates Practitioner, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Spin Superstar and Motivator

Abi Unwin - Smith

Abi Unwin - Smith Yoga Teacher

Gen Braund

Gen Braund Yoga Teacher

Elle Hodgeman

Elle Hodgeman Pilates Instructor

Richard Scott

Richard Scott Principal Physiotherapist / Director

Nadine Scott

Nadine Scott Guest Host / Director

Vee Zivkovic

Vee Zivkovic Reformer Pilates Instructor

Lucy Bourchier

Lucy Bourchier Yoga Teacher

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